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Custom GunZ will likely be realized tonight/tomorrow early (july 29/30) This post and the forum will undergo some significant cleaning if this comes to pass, as well as a site ( or a variant) will be set up. I know many stupid things have passed in the last 3 or so months, including my quitting *cough* however I am back and am now working on the server. Depending on whether or not certain admins return, we may also be hiring.


 Maplestory server is up! YYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!

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Maplestory server is up! YYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYY!! Empty
PostSubject: Maplestory server is up! YYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!   Maplestory server is up! YYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYY!! I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 26, 2009 9:39 am

the ms server is really good but has a few glitches. AND IS NOW NON HAMACHI!!

Other notes
-max monster spawn summon for GM is 350 you can do more but it gets a bit laggy (it also
depends what monster it is)(the most zak arms u can get is 200)
-we are working on an NPC that you can buy max stat items from. here are the costs.
Tier 1
STR 32767
Dex 32767
INT 32767
LUK 32767
ACC 200
EVA 200
WDD 200
MDD 200
WAD 200
MAD 200
COST 20 Leaves, Max stats
Tier 2
STR 32767
Dex 32767
INT 32767
LUK 32767
ACC 1337
EVA 1337
WDD 1337
MDD 1337
WAD 1337
MAD 1337
COST 50 Leaves, Max stats, Tier 1 of set
Tier 3
STR 32767
Dex 32767
INT 32767
LUK 32767
ACC 13337
EVA 13337
WDD 13337
MDD 13337
WAD 13337
MAD 13337
COST 140 Leaves, Max stats, Tier 2 of set

How to connect

1. download maplestory v.62 here,
2. put it into a folder called maplestory v62 or something
3. Download CustomMS launcher and place it in the Maplestory v62 folder.
4. Launch CustomMapleStory.

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Maplestory server is up! YYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!
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