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 Animes You Should Definatly Watch

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PostSubject: Animes You Should Definatly Watch   Thu Apr 16, 2009 2:58 am

Hey everybody! I made this section because Im super bored, and when im bored i do one on four things:
1. I play basketball
2. I play gunz
3. I make stuff (whether it be a model on blender, or a video on SonyVegas or a drawing on photoshop.
4. I watch anime

So i decided to make this forum where i can recommend animes to you and you can recommend them to me ^_^ enjoy a few of my personnal faves.......

Azumanga Daioh
The story of a girl genius who skips 5 grades and ends up in high school at age 10, it revolves around her and her friends, with a couple side chAracters for added humor, like a pedophile teacher and a strange yellow cat creature who appears in the dreams of the other characters. Both me and lucien like this series.

Chaos; Head
An awesome anime about a boy who has the power to make delusions become real, and about his involvement in a series of bizarre murders known as "wrath of the new generatio" (new gen for short). At the beginning of the story the main character "Takumi" is a pathetic otaku who slends all his time playing video games. He meets a man known as "Shogun" in an internet chatroom who shows him pics of A man nailed to a wall with wimbled crosses. Later while walking down alleyway he comes across a man nailed to a wall and a girl who calls him by his name. It is revealed that this is another new gen incedent and thAt it happened a day after shogun sent him the pictures. The girl appears at his school claiming to be his old friend which turns out to be true, as everyone else remebers her. As the story progresses he learns of his powers and that the people behind the new gen are trying to use an artificial version of his power to take over the world and recreate. He and a bunch of other people with his power set out to stop them. Its a great series with the only anime theme music ive ever heard and liked (whose Eyes are those by FES, a character in the show) and its also really deep. You should definAtly check it out Razz Lucian Approves of this series too.


- Yune

Check Out Yune's AMVs ^_^
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Animes You Should Definatly Watch
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